Quality policy

Quality policy

The company Poliplet believes that actions always speak for themselves, so we take the commitment to quality very seriously. We implemented a quality management system standard ISO 9001: 2000 and decided that we will actively fulfil and improve our work system together with our employees.

With the decision to obtain a certificate of quality we set a goal to continue to invest in the company and collectively contribute to growth - with an eye towards even better future and success of the company.

We put satisfaction of our customers and employees first. Both components are a very important part of our success. We are proud of the entire team, which does its best every day and contributes to each further blown-out candle of the Poliplet company, which will soon celebrate its with half a century long period of operation.

We are most pleased that every effort is followed by results and we always look back to our path with pride. Even up to now we have improved internal work processes and have expanded our product range further with quality products that are recognized for quality both at home and outside the country borders. Our goals for the future reach even higher.

The quality of our products is provided by:
- consistent fulfilment of the agreed contract specifications,
- strict compliance with legal requirements,
- using the latest materials and technologically advanced production processes,
- the possibility of production of individually customized products (non-serial order)
- taking the needs and desires of customers into account,
- rapid response in terms of responsiveness and reliability.